Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Month 4

And still sick... at least it's not as bad, mostly naseuous now. Everyone keeps telling me that I will get energy soon, I'm not sure when... lol I can't believe that I used to go to school work full time, help Mags with Westley twice a week and still clean and make dinner. Now poor Eric is lucky to be fed! Thankfully he really is prince charming and never complains.

I finally got in to see a doctor. It's be four months of midwives and NP's, and so yesterday I got to see a real doctor. Yea! Because of my history I have been transferred to a high risk doctor at least until 24 weeks. In the meantime it is a lot of Doctor's appointments. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining! I am thrilled to get to see the doctor more often. He's really smart and really supportive and as an added bonus I get an ultrasound every two weeks, my favorite part! It was really great to see Little Bitty yesterday just happily sleeping away. It is reassuring to see such a strong heartbeat and know that at least for now everything is doing great.

Thank you everyone for the prayers, it really helps!

Love you!
Nellie, Eric and Little Bitty

Picture soon I promise!


Annie Sunshine said...

Yeah...I am so happy you and Little Bitty are doing well, and you get to see a REAL doctor. Maybe it's a girl...I hear you are usually sicker with girls, and it has held true for me. I assume with all the ultrasounds you will get to find out as soon as possible if it is a little bitty boy or girl. You will have to let us all know as soon as you know, we will have to do some shopping!

Katianne said...

Good to hear how you're doing and that it is going well! and I agree with Annie, with all the ultrasounds, you have to share ;) As a side note, I'm glad my cousin found a prince charming, I do less now than you did before you were pregnant and I can't imagine adding a hubby or family to the mix, so 1800 points to the both of you!