Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Lily!

It was our daughter's three year birthday today. What do you get an angel for her birthday? We went to the temple and spent our evening were we could get closest to her. We also found out an interesting fact. October 15th is our Lily's birthday and we also found out that it is also the official day of "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day" and has been since 1988, who knew? Had to laugh that our little angel had me in labor for 11 hours before she came which put her right over the line of midnight. She just had to be born on her very own national remembrance day. She's as bad as her grandma Neves who says that because she was born on July 4th, people shoot fireworks for in her honor. Well anyway, I'll list a link for those of you who may be interested, or just plain think I'm making it up. :-). Anyway, another year passed and we're still here. We miss her, love her and mostly are very proud of her.
Love to all!
Neves Family


Annie Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday to Lily. We love her & you. I am glad you were able to spend time close to her in the temple. I'm sure she watches over you and wants you to have peace and happiness when you think of her, and although that is surely harder than I can know, I think the way you chose to remember her birthday was a great way to accomplish that.

Mags Jaussi said...

3 Years I can't believe it! I think that's is an awesome way to celebrate. I love how she helps me make it through every day, I love you guys and her so much! Miss ya lots!