Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Kooky Cats

Okay, so I realize that we are the crazy cat people for posting this, but I have some pretty cute pictures of our crazy cats and what they do.

For starters, Let me introduce you. First came Jinx, she's a Norweigian Forest Cat that we got shortly after we lost Lily. She had followed one of the primary presidency's kids home and she was a really cute kitten so I brought her home and Eric said I could keep her, actualy he just never told me to give her back so..... here she is! She is a large breed cat and so she is perfectly healthy at 15 - 20 pounds.

Maybe not her most flattering picture, but you get the idea...

Well after awhile we realized that Jinx was not a cuddle cat, she sits across the room and stares at you, that's her form of cuddling. I somehow convinced Eric last year that he wanted his own cat and it should be a cuddle cat. We found a rescue group and went to see who they had. Eric fell in love with this little white fluffball that was sleeping in his litterbox. Eric decided any cat that liked his litter box that much would be a good cat. Here's Caesar....

As you may have figured out, they are really active.

They typically play well together, though in the beginning it was a little rough. Jinx used to sit on baby Caesar and she's so big that he would disapear except for one twitching leg or a little bit of tail. We rescued him a lot.

Lately with halloween coming I have been sewing costumes for me and for family. My cats love to sew. It is cute for the first five minutes, but they after lining up the pattern for the fifteenth time to cut it out, Caesar comes flying out of nowhere skidding across the material and eats the pattern. It's cute, but very annoying!

Jinx is typically content to sit and watch. Unfortunately that is usually on top of whatever you are trying to cut out. She thinks she is helping. Nice eh?

Well the cosutmes come out fine so I don't mind the extra paws to "help" out. Practice for kids maybe.

We have a kitty jungle gym that we inheirited from Maggie, and the cats love to climb up to the top, but the other day while I was working in the kitchen I heard some growling so I went to investigate and this is what I had found.

We had our very own kitty totem pole. Jinx had somehow wedged herself into the little hole and was growling because Casesar had jumped on top and was smacking her on the head while she was stuck. How rude right? I love how she is spilling out the front of the hole, so cute.

Finally just a picture of Caesar and I doing homework. He loves to "help" me with my homework all the time. He prefers math to pychology because there are more papers and books to lay on.

After all how can you say no to a face like this?

From Garden Patrol to homework our cats are kooky, but they are family.

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