Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monterey Trip

This last weekend we went on the last vacation we'll take before little bitty is born. We went to Monterey with our friend Whitney and Louie Mariner. It was really fun and we actually managed to get some pictures taken! Thank you to Whitney! I figure everyone would rather see pictures than hear me drone on.

Whitney and I wanted seafood the first night, so since they boys love us they consented and we went to Bubba Gump's for dinner. Don't worry I was careful about what I ate and how much of it I ate.

We knew the restaurant had gotten its name from the movie forest gump but we had no idea how much people would focus on the movie! Wow trivia at every corner! I got some of them right so I won a prize.... all the toothpicks I wanted... I didn't think it was that funny... but the food was good!

The next day we went to the aquarium since Whitney and Louie had never been. It was fun. Here we are on the back walkway behind the aquarium. Here is the prego picture I've been promising!

Even with all the cool displays and tanks, this is the only fish picture I shot while I was there. All the non tropical fish are so gray and drab... this was the pretty tank. (I know sorry Alex)

We went to Carmel as well, but I have to adamit that I was so tired I took absolutly no pictures. The rest of the trip was spent at the ocean. If you look really closely at the picture on the left there is a person on the top of the hill in the middle that is either Eric or Louie. They went so far out on the rocks looking for adventure. I stayed on the beach and prayed that they would come back from adventure! :-)

It was a great trip but definitely the last one for a long time. Within an hour of getting home I started having contractions and had to go down to labor and delivery. They got me stabalized and the contraction have pretty much stopped and have gotten a great deal lighter (thank goodness), but it was still really scary. I need to be within driving ditance of my hospital and doctors, so here I stay until baby come, (full term).
Love you all,
Eric Nellie and Little Bitty

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