Friday, May 22, 2009

Where we're at these days

By the looks of our page everything looks pretty hunky dorey... hmm I wish! Okay it's not too bad... I can use our new thing we say alot around here every time we pick up the phone, "Still Pregnant". A month ago I went in for my regular weekly appointment and during the ultrasound, surprise I was in labor. I had no clue! I was at 2 cm and 60 percent effaced. My dr. calmly said "we're moving you to the hospital and you'll be there awhile." I was wheeled off and checked in and hooked to an IV getting fluids and drugs to stop the contractions I wasn't feeling. For the first three days they weren't sure if I would deliver or not so they started me on antibiotics and gave me steroid shots to mature bitty's lungs. She was only 24 weeks though so they really worked hard at not letting her come. They let me move upstairs to Anti-partum ward after 3 days. You've heard of post partum, after you have the baby, well apparently I am a member of the club of anti partum where they don't want you to stop being pregnant. There were between 4 and 5 of us the whole time I was in. We all had our own private rooms but we'd hear about eachother from time to time. One girl got to go home, another girl finally made it far enough they let her have her baby (she'd been there 6 weeks!), and I was the 24 weeker who had the husband who showed up every night. Apparently uncommon for anti partum, they all just didn't marry Prince Charming. :-). It wasn't all smooth sailing. I went into labor 3 more times after moving upstairs, but everytime those nurses would come in there and squash those contractions with drugs. Every time I would think okay, this is it. Brace yourself your baby might not make it, you need to be strong, .... then the nurse would say okay, that should do it and sure enough it did. I felt so close to my Heavenly Father in the hospital, I have to say Eric and I did a lot of praying and pleading as did many other people. I learned a lot about faith and trust and actually believing Heavenly Father when He makes a promise. I know Primary stuff but it is really hard for me.
About two weeks ago after I'd been in the hospital two weeks they were going to put in a pic line which is a more permanent IV, meaning I'd be there forever.... They said, "actually we're going to send you home." I was shocked, no one had said anything about even a chance of going home. By the end of the day I was discharged and we were home!

It's been different being at home. It's hard because I feel like a burden most of the time. I can't be on my feet for more than five minutes and it is only so that I can go to the bathroom. For the first week Eric had to do everything, with the exception of RS bringing me lunch midday. That was how he wanted it though. He just wanted to do everything to make sure that I was okay. He's never complained about anything. What a man I married!

This last week my mom has arrived and she's been a really great help too. She does a great job of making me lay down and hush myself. It's been a lifesaver having her here and who doesn't love having your mom around when you just need her right?

Anyway, mostly I really appreciate all the prayers on our behalf. Let me tell you that we feel them. It keeps me strong every day and I couldn't do this without them. We've been down for a month now and we just passed 28 weeks, or 7 months. My Dr. Wants us to make it to 34 or 35 weeks, he says that is a high risk full term baby, so please don't stop praying!

Much Love!
Eric, Nellie, angel Lily, and baby Riley

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Paul and Suzy said...

I am so glad you are resting at home instead of the hospital! I was only there a week and dying to get to my own bed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys and your little one. Rest up Nellie!