Saturday, July 24, 2010

Been a busy year!

Well it's been about a year since I last posted anything about our little family, but it's been a wild year. I don't even know where to start really! Riley is a year old now and quite the diva. She likes things done her way, right now! She has made all the doctors happy in the last year too. Where she lack motor skills she makes up for in cognitive skills. The doctors say she's just been too lazy to crawl too, and recently she showed us she can crawl she just chooses not to. See what I mean? DIVA!

She is loving learning to walk and I wish I were more excited. It's been so nice to not baby proof. I know those das are over I'm just in denial! She looks so cute toddling around in her little tennis shoes (thank you Annie!)

We have discovered she loves water, ANY WATER! She hears a faucet turn on , or a hose, or anthing, even if you are only washing your hands or getting a drink, she wants in it! Last night she watched Eric empty her baby pool so he could clean it. She was so distressed!! She couldn't handle it for the next half hour. She kept looking at the window and whining about her pool! :-) What a girl!

We're adjusting to being parents. We are figuring out a schedule that allows us time with Riley but time with eachother as well. I swear there are weeks that I look at Eric and say, "Have I seen you at all this week?" Between his work and my demanding diva boss (Riley) I feel like our paths don't cross. We now have Friday night date night. We don't actually go out, we stay in and watch tv or a movie, but it reminds us that we came first. Very stress relieving!

We also went to monterey for Riley's birthday. She loved the ocean. It was a pretty cold day so we left early but still Riley loved it.

Well the diva is rising from her sleep so I better call it. See you all in a year??? :-)


Annie Sunshine said...

You are welcome for the shoes...I have plenty. Can't wait to see her toddling around soon. Bryce walked before he crawled too. Although a lot of people told me he had to crawl before he walked to be a good reader, that doesn't seem to be true (I can't seem to pry a good book out of his hands). So if anyone tells you that, just ignore them!

Eric and Nellie Neves said...

There have been all sorts of comments... People are really... well I'll leave it at that!