Monday, November 1, 2010


We had a great Halloween, though it came a week early this year. Those of you who know us well know that I (Nellie) love Halloween and Eric does not so much enjoy it. With my second favorite holiday on Sunday this year it's kinda a downer, but I had a ZUmba dance class party the week before as well as the Church harvest festival. IT was two hours and yes I worked out in my costume but not those boots. It was a load of fun and as far as I'm concerned the only way to work out!
Riley and I were dressed an angel and a devil for the church party. We go t afew wierd looks until I explained it was a family affair, we were the angel and devil that sits on Daddy's shoulder and helps him make decisions. Everyone liked it more after that. Riley had fun with the carnival games at the harvest festival. Her favorite was the bowling, but she wanted to keep the ball instead of the candy. She also loved the rings on soda bottles game. They were glow rings and Riley wouldn't give hers back. She liked how it glowed so well. The sweet girls running the booth traded her for a broken glowstick they couldn't use, Riley held it all night and would let go for anything. It was really cute!! Lat night there weren't many trick or treaters coing to the house and we didn't dress up since it was Sunday and we wanted to keep it holy. Or as holy as it can be on Halloween I suppose. Eric said it was the only Halloween he has ever seen me rushing to get over. I kept saying, "could Halloween get done so that Christmas can get here?" He wanted to tape it and play it back to me every year.... Next year will be more fun, traditional party, traditional trick or treating, but one question, what will we be next year!?!!

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Tia Langston said...

Such a sweet, beautiful girl. It was great seeing you guys briefly....we'll need to spend more time together next time. :o)