Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Idaho Trip Finally....

Bye Bye Dalton! Okay I know This was April but that was school time so this is catchup time.

We went to Star to visit the fam when Dalton was leaving on his mission to Paraguay. It was
super fun and I am really excited to show off some pictures!Riley and Daddy having some fun in the sun! You'd never guess it was so very very cold!!!

This was Riley and Carson's game... she does and he follows. Open and Close!
Riley found Grandma Lori 's handbag, she's being pretty in pink!

We had an all green party, super fun! Westley really liked it!!

Here are some video of our trip, sorry they came out a little grainy for some reason....

It was a great trip and Dalton is doing great, what a missionary!!

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