Sunday, April 17, 2011

What IS Piggy Party?

It's a question that I have many, well at least a few, people asking these days. Well I can't answer that without talking about Turkey Party. Turkey Party started about 5 years ago. I decided I wanted to be social in our ward at church since we didn't really know anyone when we moved in. I decided to throw a party. It seemed strange for Eric and I to have Thanksgiving all by ourselves so we invited over another family and the missionaries, cause they will always come for food! I loved it and the next year around the end of October Eric said, "so when is Turkey Party this year?"

It became a tradition. Our third Turkey Party I invited Whitney and Louie Mariner to join the other family, and missionaries. After the Party Withney and I decided we really should have an Easter version. That's where Piggy Party comes in. Turkey party in the fall with well turkey to eat, and Piggy Party in the spring with well Ham. It's a lot of fun and this was our second Piggy Party. We have finally started taking pictures and thank goodness for that. This year's party was Mad Hatter Garden party. It was great, I went thrift shopping and picked all mismatched everything and just made the table crazy fun. I will definitely do this again!

Riley making her, "this is boring" face... Can you tell she now licks the jam off her rolls?

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