Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A new life in a new land

Last fall, Eric started working for a new company called Johnson Controls Incorporated. While we were sad to leave the family at EMCI, and the job Eric had held for twelve years, it was exciting to branch out into such a large, nationwide company. Shortly after starting the job, there began to be talk about a possible transfer to... Bakersfield. I said no. Big no. I was happy. I taught Zumba, I had a thriving bakery, I was not moving to Bakersfield. JCI persisted, and Eric was surprisingly interested. The offer changed to Fresno. I still said, no.
     Eric is really smart, and decided that if I saw it, I might not be so bull headed. We made plans and we visited the area. I went just so I could say, see I tried it, I hated it, I'm not going. But then Eric said that most magical words, "Nellie, you could have a horse." I no longer said no.
   It took a lot of miracles to get here, including finding a house within our price range, with the perfect flat land for an arena and a house that fit our needs as well, and finding the BEST renters for our place in Citrus Heights, and a dozen or more other miracles that were faith building and beautiful. Now I am here and I can't believe I drug my feet so hard. Sometimes I am just as stubborn as the horses I work with.

 The Sunsets are phenomenal. And I have finally found my "Golden Sunset Ranch"
 Caesar went missing not long after we moved. It was very sad. Now Knox is only allowed out under heavy supervision.
 I mowed the entire two acres by hand push mower. I survived, the mower did not.
 We love looking out over our little ranch. Sassy went crazy over this rainbow.

 We started with three chickens. Lucy didn't make it through the summer. Just too hot. But Einstein and Penny are both doing very well.

 Cause even chicken need coop decor.
 Isn't it the sweetest?
 Helping Daddy!
We love dinners out in the backyard, dreaming of what we will do and how the ranch will grow. Meanwhile, we wait on the golden sunset.
Much love!

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