Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend in Tahoe!

We Decided to kick off our summer with a camping trip to Tahoe. Eric and I have been going to Sugar Pine for a very long time so it was fun to take Riley there for the second time. She loved it. 

When I was little I used to play on our big dog Dorado, it was fun to see Riley playing Ponies on her daddy.

Daddy got pretty good at it too, this is him flying Scootaloo super high!

Riley showed off her dancing skills as well.
Soon the Ponies needed a bath though 

All Clean!!!

She loves her bike!

 We took a cookie break, one for each of them of course.
 The water was so clear.... and so cold... yes we went swimming.. BRRR!!!
 Look at those fish!

 Daddy's got her, no falling in!!!

Riley figured out how to be a duck with Wheat Thins :-) 

It was a perfect weekend!

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