Friday, May 29, 2009

How to beat the boredom of bedrest!

Well we hit 29 weeks yesterday which is five weeks of stolen time. The combination of paryer and Turbeutaline works wonders. It is so fun seeing everyone's healthy new babies that are born, congrats to Ash and Jaz they are both beautiful!
People keep asking, how do you manage to stay down for so long without going crazy. Well the staying down is easy, it's the drive to keep Riley healthy that part isn't that hard especially with mom here helping Eric and I. The not going crazy is trickier. Eric and Mom really help with that.

Step one: Deal with the nesting instinct. I was feeling like the walls were caving in on me and some of this stuff just had to go! Mind you our house is not overly crowded, and certainly isn't now, but I insisted on going through everything in the house. This means that from the couch either mom or Eric would bring me things to say keep or throw away. They are so patient with me. After three days we accumulated quite the pile for a yard sale. Mom took care of it one day, and Eric did it the other day. Out of both days we earned enough to pay for a glider and ottoman set!! Yeah! Great job guys!

Step two: Sewing! No, I am not sewing, mom is sewing and again I am the dictator from the couch! lol We are sewing the pajamas I was supposed to make for Eric's family for Christmas, but I was too sick to move. We are sewing curtains for Riley's room, and we are sewing clothes for our little princess too. Mom and I have both decided that we use the term, "we" VERY loosely! Today "we", meaning mom, are working on the laundry and a new pair of PJ pants for me since I have grown out of most of my pj pants, tummy is too big!

Step three: Watch a lot of TV!
Step four: Work on the book that has been done for over two years but work-a-holics like my self have no time to revise.
Step five: Lots of scripture study, we need all the blessings we can get!
Step six: Count down the days until the next Dr. Appt which by the way is four days away on Tuesday.
Step seven: Play fetch with the cat from bed. He thinks he's died and gone to heaven with his mom being in bed all day!
Step eight: Register! I don't know if anyone has done this completely online before, but it isn't easy. Babies R Us is done... I think. Target is almost done... not as user friendly in case you were wondering.

Mostly just hanging tight and dreaming of the baby to be!

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