Thursday, June 4, 2009

Latest News

We went to the Dr. on tuesday and everything is still looking good. The new *fun* pressure I am feeling is due to Riley's head down position. I wish they would have given us an ultrasound picture of that... There was the part of my cervix that was still closed, then the part that was funneled open, then a sack of water protruding into the funnel and immediatley thereafter, a baby head. Sorry if this is TMI, I was just fascinated to see it! They said I am uncomfortable because normally that part of the cervix doesn't have pressure for very long, just long enough to have a baby. In other words, Miss Riley is ready to come whenever we give the go ahead. Hopefully she listens when I say just stay put a little longer!! She is growing really well though and she is up to 3 pounds and 12 ounces. I know that doesn't sound very big to anyone else, but it is huge in our little family! She now outweighs her sister's birthweights by 2 pounds. In the land of premies that is quite a bit!

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