Tuesday, June 23, 2009

32 weeks and counting

We went to the Dr today and got great news.......I graduated from hi risk!! Yeah. While I am still considered a hi risk prego, I get to go to a normal prego dr. that's kinda cool! We also recieved a finalized timeline. Here's how it falls.

Now until july 2nd (34 weeks pregnant) - still on bedrest laying flat except I can sit up to eat which is really nice.

2nd- 16th (36 weeks pregnant)- released from bedrest, can walk around some and have a litt more activity, not much, sorry still can't work ;-)

16th and on- off medication, can have baby at any time.

As we know plans are great and all but there is a really good chance I won't make it until the 16th. The medication has started to wear off on it effectiveness. I am doing about two hours of contractions at least every other night and afternoon. The good news is today the dr said that Riley is safe. Yea! She weighed in at 5 pounds 1 ounce very impresive for her age I guess. He said that even if she went to the nicu the chances of her being on a ventilatator or anthing serious are very small. Eric says I look like myself again because I am a bit relieved. I have to admit it was really nice hearing that she is SAFE! Thank you for all the prayers! We'll keep you updated as our little bitty gets closer and closer.


Paul and Suzy said...

Such GREAT news!!! So glad you are keeping us updated. We can't wait to see your sweet little girl!

Tia Langston said...

Yah!!! So glad things are looking up! ---wish someone could put me on bedrest. :o)

Eric and Nellie Neves said...

Trust me Tia, you really really don't. After the first day it looses it's appeal. Not to mention you loose all of your muscles. I can hold anything anymore without my hands shaking, and something as simple as standing to hug my husband once a week makes me shake from head to toe. :-)

Katianne said...

Yay!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to see your little Riley, but I'll be glad to wait ;) Much love and prayers to you guys!

Annie Sunshine said...

yay!!! I was thinking the same thing as Tia the other day, but decided it would only take me about a week until I wouldn't be able to stand it anymore. So glad the bedrest is paying off! 5 lbs is awesome. Ella and Lindsay were both upper six pounders and both came home from the hospital the day after...I wish the same for you and little Riley.