Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bummer News

I have some sad news. Winston our horse has had a few really hard days, he's had a fever, a hard time eating and keeping food in his mouth and has a lump on the joint of his jaw. Dr. Weilepp and my friend Jodi have been with him this week trying to figure out the problem, finally we found out today that it is an aggressive tumor. We decided with the amount of pain he is in that we would put him down. He was put to rest this morning. I'm glad he's no longer in pain.

I am very sad that I am loosing him at a time when I can't be the one to be there with him, but I can't risk the baby's health.I think it is important to remember all the lives that Winnie has touched over the years and what an amazing life he has led. He's been a professsional english jumping horse as well as a professional western pleasure horse and has won over 40,000 in his career, before I met him. He worked for three years as a therapeutic riding horse at Saddle Pals and touched so many lives while he was there. He has always been such charming and eccentric horse. From the fits he would throw where instead of bucking he would angrily do flying lead changes and dressage he's learned when he was young, to his ability to hunt birds in the arena and the pasture, killing 2 and injuring at least 5. Quite a talent. I'm glad he's been a part of our family. His life has been spared more than once so that he could enjoy the retirement he's deserved over the last two years. Now it is time for him to get the rest he deserves.
He is a fantastic horse and will always be remembered that way.

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